Manifested Electronics #100

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Manifested Electronics #100

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wholesale liquidation pallet
Vendor: Manifested Pallet Total MSRP: $20,595 Whats in the Pallet: Electronics Items: hannlomaxhx-1081btlitex 30" vortex huggerpyle 8" midbass speakerhannlomaxhx-1079btapeman Ic35045w magsafe 2 pow...

Vendor: Manifested Pallet

Total MSRP: $20,595

Whats in the Pallet: Electronics


litex 30" vortex hugger
pyle 8" midbass speaker
apeman Ic350
45w magsafe 2 power adapter
bomaker tapio V
logitech mx keys mini for mac
logitech multi device k380
logitech advanced mk545
logitech mk320'
logitech comfort wave mk570
logitech slim combo mk470
logitech k270
logitech mx keys
logitech pop keys
blue yeti
blue yeti nano
blue yeti blackout
logitech g432
razer nari ultimate
logitech pro headset
astro a10
astro a40 xbox
logitech driving force shifter
multifunctional air cooler
black decker 5 in. random orbit sander
creative pebble v3
bosch glI25-10
coleman 800 lumens lantern
elite gourmet electric kettle
razer firefly v2
logitech mk270
microsoft wireless 850 desktop
logitech z150
logitech 2213
logitech 2200
logitech g332 se
logitech pro × pro
logitech g635
inse bagless convertible stick vacuum
trond prime V
overture 3d printer filament
ring motion detector
blink video doorbell
×box controller
trendnet indoor/outdoor camera
mpow mbit s
mpow m30
mpow mx3
izeeker gd850
izeeker gd300
izeeker go100
tile style and sport combo pack
smart bracelet fojuy
vehicode led lighting
nton power I donut
pop up mobile external
lenrue a15
fortem air compressor
jbl quantum 300
durgod taurus k320
astro a10 + mixamp m60
razer seiren mini
lepro smart wifi gu10
logitech mx518
astro hdmi adapter for ps5
logitech m720
logitech lift
beexcellent pro gaming headset
logitech g502 wireless
logitech g502 se
logitech mx master
fosmon 24 hour mechanical outlet timer
logitech f710
logitech c270
ps4 codevent
logitech f310
logitech control plus
logitech m310
logitech m330
logitech m187
logitech m325
logitech g502
logitech g305
logitech ergo m575
logitech pro wired
logitech pro x pro mouse
logitech g604
blue snowball ice
stanley wet anddry vacuum

Delivery : We can arrange delivery upon the request of the buyer, additional cost will apply. Contact us for more details +1 (647) 544-1235

Best for: Online resellers & Retail, Auctions, retail stores, best for export

Notes: This Pallet is being sold AS IS Condition, there is no exchange or refund.

Condition: New, like new, Used, Damaged, Missing Parts, Unsalable



Is it your first time buying liquidation ? are you wondering how does it work ?

Basically our customers buys liquidation pallet from, those pallet could be:-

1-Low Count

Low count pallets which has between 10 to 30 bulky items (those will take less time selling them on online marketplaces such as Ebay, Kijiji and many more..)

2- High Count

High count pallets has unknown number of items, total retail price of the whole pallet usually very high, which means there is huge margins for the customer to generate extra money reselling the items, but more time due to the high number of items.

Why buying liquidation pallet, and how it will generate profits for the buyer ?

We at get our inventory directly from top Canadian and US retail on a weekly basis at a wholesale prices, so by that we eliminate the middle man factor that charges high prices and eats most of the profits, by us buying directly means we sell them with a huge margin to customer to make money by reselling.

Our goal at is to give room for our clients to make profit, because we believe by doing so it will lead to get happy customers which in return means a loyal customer to

Who is our clients?

  • Anyone who wants to enjoy making extra money on their spare time
  • B2B & B2C
  • People who sells on auction platforms
  • Exporters
  • Retail stores
  • Stay at home entrepreneurs
  • working from home
  • & many more….


For more info please contact us directly ⁣| ⁣| +1(647)544-1235



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