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I’ve been buying from Liquidation deals for a few months now. I tend to get the high count and bulk loads. I’ve never been to their location and always buy online. So far what I have received is exactly what I ordered. Not every load is great but that’s not their fault, totally a risk I was willing to take when making the order. If there has been an issue, question or concern with anything they have replied promptly and dealt with it in a professional manner. Personable, friendly and very helpful with the ordering process. Delivery men are excellent. They drop the pallets exactly where I ask them to. They always call ahead to give me an idea of time- if traffic effects that they always let me know so I’m not sitting here waiting. (And apologize although we know they can’t control some things) i believe this business wants me to make money/ they want me to come back. In my experiences over the last few months I feel they are dedicated to their customer so that we all win in the end.


I bought ups pallets and got ps5 and Nike boot worth of 500$ and 2 laptop acer and Lenovo and much more thank you Zaid and Karam 🙏🏽

Omar Alwaely

I was looking for a new liquidation supplier and found liquidation deals based out of Toronto.
I Bought a pallet for $499 with 10 items on it. A twin stroller worth $900 sold for 650 a Olympic barbell sold for 275 an air fryer worth 300 sold for 250. With more item like that. Kept 3 for my family and I. Highly recommend with what else is out there for liquidation suppliers. Every item was sell-able which I wasn't used too. Talk to Karam, very personal able and doesn't mind me asking 30 questions before I bought my first pallet.

Erik heib
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